What is a Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical Psychologists are the most highly qualified professionals in the mental health field, besides psychiatrists. It takes a minimum of 7 years to qualify and is one of the most competitive professions to enter.

Why seek a Private Psychologist in Auckland?

In the District Health Board there is no guarantee of seeing a clinical psychologist.  Long waiting times, and other restrictions can make it difficult to engage in therapy when it is most needed, and for the duration needed.

When should I see a psychologist?

Some key signs that it might be time to see a psychologist include:

Your difficulty is causing significant distress or disruption in your life. If you feel that the problem you are facing interrupts a number of important areas of your life including school, work, and relationships, it may be time to see if psychotherapy can help.

You are relying on unhealthy or dangerous coping mechanisms. If you find yourself dealing with your problem by smoking, drinking, overeating, or taking out your frustrations on others, seeking assistance can help you find healthier and more beneficial coping strategies.

Friends and family are concerned about your well-being. If it has reached a point where other people are worried about your emotional health, it may be time to see if psychotherapy can improve your psychological state.

Nothing you have tried so far has helped. You've read self-help books, explored some techniques you read about online, or even tried just ignoring the problem, yet things just seem to be staying the same or even getting worse.

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